Great wine... Excellent food... LiVE MUSIC... UNFORGETTABLE FRIENDS... A FOOLPROOF RECIPE FOR memories.

Every Sunday evening, beginning at 4pm, we shut down our restaurant and begin a pairing event like no other. Five select wines from around the world are chosen by our Chef and expertly paired with five exquisite, unique dishes. Begin with an appetizer and/or salad course, followed by several entrees and finished with a sweet dessert from our Pastry Chef, you are guaranteed to experience something new every time! We limit our seating to guarantee the best quality service and food, so reserve early by calling 503-357-2900 or email

JULY, 2017  - - - 4pm, EVERY SUNDAY! 


Featuring Kevin Green of Apolloni Vineyards and La Randonnee Wines!

  • Apolloni Vineyards Chardonnay, Oregon
  • Apolloni Vineyards Pinot Noir Rose, Oregon
  • Apolloni Vineyards Soleggio, Oregon
  • La Randonnee Sauvignon Blanc, Oregon
  • La Randonee Pinot Noir, Oregon

*Note: menus change slightly from week to week

JUNE, 2017  - - - 4pm, EVERY SUNDAY! 

  • Apolloni Pinot Blanc, Oregon · Paired with a southwest inspired salad of fresh baby greens, grilled corn, black beans, fresh avocado and red onion with a salsa vinaigrette.
  • Fabla Old Vine Grenache, Spain · Paired with a roasted tomato stuffed with seasoned basmati rice, veggies, and our signature marinara. 
  • Chateau LaCoste Garzac Bordeaux, France · Paired with gnocchi tossed with wild mushrooms in a gorgonzola cream sauce, topped with grilled sirloin steak.
  • San Giorgio Pinot Grigio-Garganega, Italy · Paired with braised Pacific halibut over creamed spinach. 
  • Azulejo Rose, Portugal · Paired with a creampuff filled with Albion strawberry mousse and topped with a semi sweet chocolate ganache. 

*Note: menus change slightly from week to week

MAY, 2017

  • Apolloni Vineyards Olivia Pinot Noir, Oregon · Paired with walnut crusted brie, baked and served with an Oregon berry compote and toasted garlic bread.
  • Chateau Routas Rose, France · Paired with a salad of baby spinach, fresh strawberries, toasted walnuts and goat cheese with a strawberry vinaigrette.
  • di Lenardo Chardonnay, Italy · Paired with fresh pacific oysters sauteed in browned butter and tossed with angel hair pasta, roasted garlic and veggies. 
  • Locations "P", Portugal · Paired with filet mignon stuffed with roasted spring veggies, drizzled with demi glace.
  • Terrapin Cellars Tempranillo Port · Paired with a salted caramel and chocolate tart with Jacobson sea salt. 

*Note: menus change slightly every week.