Gabriel Barber
Owner, Executive Chef

With invaluable assistance from:
Debbie, Megan C., Megan B., and Tess! 



Worldwide cuisine inspired by local ingredients

Since its opening in July of 2008, OutAZABlue has become a destination restaurant for many. Situated on the scenic Wilson River Hwy (hwy 6), just 25 miles west of Portland and 40 miles east of Tillamook, the restaurant overlooks Gales Creek with three dining rooms as well as an outdoor seating area.

Our menu has been inspired by our chef's journeys from around the world. It combines international cuisine and all-American classics, all with our signature "AZA" flair thrown in. We craft every dish using local, organic ingredients, and we take pride in supporting our local farmers and suppliers.

What is "AZA"? It started out as a play on words with the name OutAZABlue ("out of the blue", since we are pretty close to the middle of nowhere, spoken in our chef's unique accent) and since then it has grown into a life of its own. It's our signature twist on classic dishes, our unique all-in-one environment of roadside mini mart, quick stop sandwich shop, family restaurant and fine dining. When people ask what kind of food we prepare, we say "everything from A to Z and back to A again". AZA.